Teaching a Love of Picture Books by Katherine Sokolowski

Nerdy Book Club

what you know first

School starts for us in less than two weeks. I have been escaping to my classroom each evening while my oldest son has football practice on the grass below my windows. I straighten tables, arrange our meeting area, and organize shelves. The other night found me standing in front of our picture books. Tubs and tubs of picture books line the shelves of my fifth grade classroom. A student two years ago counted and told that we had well over three hundred picture books. Her goal became one of reading them all.


My fifth graders leave our year together with a deep love for picture books, but they don’t all start the year feeling that way. Along their journey in school, some have picked up the notion that picture books are “baby books” and they are far too mature to be seen reading them. I work quickly to rid…

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